CNC Design Services

CNC Routing Ltd is home to a dedicated design team, where all members are highly skilled, not only in the design aspect, but also in CNC router operation. This ensures each member can translate the design onto the routing machines, guaranteeing perfect results.

The design team can take any concept and turn it into a reality. We have taken ideas for nationwide companies and designed, routed, packaged and delivered them all over the UK.

We have the capability to scan individual items to create a design profile enabling production. This is done by using a laser light attached to the machine, so the image is then sent back to the computers by reverse engineering. In addition, any drawings can be worked into a format file.

The design team are fully conversant with numerous software packages, and on-going training ensures we are up to date with current technology. At CNC Routing, any problem shared with our design team, will be taken care of easily and efficiently.

Bespoke Service

The bespoke service takes an idea and by working with the customer, takes the whole job from concept to completion.

CNC Routing will find the design & material which best suits your requirements. The key to this is having a realistic target or budget, that the client has in mind. From discussing the clients ideas, we will find the perfect solution.

We have many customers that come to our offices with an idea; our challenge is to turn this into a viable product. By utilising our vast experience on these matters, CNC Routing will produce a prototype to show off different materials & profiles. This is invaluable to the customer who can physically look & touch the different finishes, before the chosen design goes into production.