AXYZ 8016


The 8016 offers the largest bed size of 4880mm x 2635mm (ie. 16ft x 8ft) in the UK.  This machine offers the same functionality as the 8010 series, but the larger bed size allows for larger material, leading to more efficient cutting times.  CNC Routing has found that trends of materials, mean larger panels needing to be cut, which is ideal for this machine.  Sheets of solid surface & aluminium often come in a standard size in excess of 3m.  Previously, as this sheet size was longer than the bed, these would have to be cut in half, before cutting the finished item.  This obviously added to the cutting time, along with time for loading & unloading the machine.  With this machine, the 3m sheets can easily be accommodated with no issues. 

The twin heads offered on the 8016, mean that 2 panels can run side by side, halving the cut time.  CNC Routing Ltd have also had numerous requests for long running jobs, cutting 8x4 sheets.  Again, the 8016 allows for 4 sheets to be loaded on the machine at once, and as 2 sheets sit side by side & are cut at the same time, it allows the remaining 2 sheets to be loaded / unloaded without stopping cutting.  Again, this provides huge efficiency gains. 

The larger bed size & functionalities offered with the Axyz 8016 has allowed CNC Routing to become a major suppliers with the furniture sector, retail & automotive industries.


AXYZ 8010



The 8000 Series offers a processing width of over 2630mm and starts with a standard processing length of 3048mm, increasing in 610mm increments. This format is the machine of choice for manufacturers who work with 8’ wide materials as called for in their products. These manufacturers include Sign makers, Ambulance / Automotive / RV Builders, Aluminium fabricators, Plastic Fabricators, Marine manufacturers, and more.

The 8000 series machine is an ideal platform for fabricators that want to be able to work with sheet materials that are 8’ wide or two sheets of 4’ wide material at the same time. Configured with a dual Carriage option you can machine high volume parts in a duplicate format, doubling your output capacity. This application is common for volume fabricators in the plastics / acrylics and aluminium business.

The AXYZ 8000 Series machine is a large machine with a large mass gantry. This is where the capacity of the AXYZ A2MC Controller is apparent. With easy adjustments for the acceleration and maximum speeds, the power of the seven segment motion profile really shines. By actively managing the Acceleration and Deceleration the finish quality of the parts from the machine increases dramatically. The easy to use AXYZ SmartConsole rides alongside the machine gantry for ease of startup, no matter where you are on the large machine bed.


AXYZ 6010



High performance, large format machine with servo drives on all axes and a 7 station autotoolchange system making it ideal for higher productivity applications as well as smaller batch manufacturing. This machine can be used for machining all plastics, woods and metals in 2D and full 3D. The closed loop servo drives ensure reliable trouble free operation whilst maintaining fine tolerances on all cutting operations.